Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist
Grand Central Publishing/Warner Forever
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-446-61798-7
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Up-and-coming designer Jasmine Burns has a slight problem. Deathly afraid of men to the point that it is a phobia, she has a hard time communicating with them. A man can talk to her and she clams up and rushes away every time.  Then, to make matters worse, her older sister claims to be a gypsy and considers herself a psychic of sorts.  Her specialty is supposedly being able to tell people about their “One True Love”.  Amy supposedly can touch a person and instantly tell them the name of their true love.  When Amy invades Jasmine’s apartment as she is preparing for a job interview with a famous costume designer, Amy tells Jasmine her love’s name: Josh Toby.  Of course, that is the just his name. Amy doesn’t know which person out of all the Josh Tobys in the world Jasmine’s true love could be.  As Jasmine’s luck would have it though, the one Josh Toby she finds herself attracted to and friends with turns out to be a movie star and dubbed the “Sexiest Man Alive”. 


Josh Toby is tired of constantly being scrutinized and belittled for the movie roles he has undertaken. Those same roles made him a household name and while he enjoys the perks of the trade, he wants to be known as so much more.  Slipping into New York City when he should be overseas, Josh is working towards getting a part in Romeo and Juliet, which is being put on by an off-Broadway theater.  Meeting with the costume designer in order to find a disguise so no one knows it is THE Josh Toby at auditions, Josh is surprised to meet a quirky, somewhat shy woman named Jasmine.  When she rushes away, he can’t help but be intrigued by the one woman who didn’t seem impressed about his star status nor interested in his bank account.  In fact, she is perfect for what Josh thinks he needs.  Only what he thinks he needs and what Jasmine actually gives him are so totally different he didn’t even see it coming.


Jasmine and Toby unite to try and keep his identity secret.  However, forces are working against them and their covers are blown.  Will Jasmine be able to handle Josh’s public identity without getting overwhelmed? Will Josh be able to handle Jasmine’s fears?  It seems the Sexiest Man Alive just might have his work cut out for him.


Diana Holquist grabbed my attention with this book.  Enthralled from beginning to end, I couldn’t help but laugh, then cry, and then smile. Sexiest Man Alive was entertaining, often hilarious, but seemed so very real.  Jasmine endeared herself to me from the first scene of her ‘practice’ interview and her fears and shyness were written in such a way that wanted to grab her and just hug her.  Josh Toby was also very personable and not without his hang-ups.  I loved watching the man who was supposedly perfect be imperfect. 


Sexiest Man Alive was witty, sexy, and just entirely wonderful. I can’t wait to read more from this terrific writer. 


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