Primal Attraction by Shelli Stevens
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Futuristic/Shapeshifter
ISBN: 978-1-60088-176-3
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Researcher Sarina Mackenzie has traveled to the planet Old Centuron in order to take soil samples. Old Centuron has been uninhabited for at least a century and Sarina doesnít expect to see anything living, but she keeps hoping she might.  While Sarina is looking around and getting her samples, one of the guards traveling with her shoots a wolf.  Afterwards, time seems to stand still as the men sent to guard her leave her on the planet alone and at the mercy of whomever lives there. 


Caden, the leader of the Wolfan, looks on in horror as a woman shifter from his village crawls home and dies due to a gunshot wound.  Her mate is inconsolable and vows revenge.  It isnít until Caden runs into the only human left on the planet that he realizes exactly who and what she is; his mate. Forced to keep his animalistic nature appeased, Caden does the only thing he knows to do.  He captures Sarina and instead of holding her captive as a prisoner, he mates her and then waits for whoever left her on his planet to return.


Shelli Stevens kept me on the edge of my seat with Primal Attraction. I love the title because the male lead character, Caden, was primal to his core. He was virile and deadly but I loved watching him love Sarina.  Their coming together was raw and sensual.  It was perfect for the storyline in my opinion.


Ms. Stevens continues to hold my attention with every book she writes.  I am officially a fan!


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