On Your Knees by Brynn Paulin
Torrid Tarot, Three of Wands
Elloraís Cave
Erotic BDSM
ISBN: 9781419912450
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Workaholic Jessica Rush has been invited to a sex toy demonstration at the Pleasure Palace.  Jessica doesnít hesitate in her decision not to go. She has too much stuff to do and proving that she is a capable construction project manager takes most of her time.  It isnít until one of her bosses, Ryan Cress, threatens to reassign her duties that she even considers going.  There is just something about the way Ryan made it sound like an order that caught Jessicaís attention and while she finds being told what to do sexually very arousing, she canít see it working for her.  Before the night is over, Jessica might just change her mind.


Ryan Cress has wanted Jessica for years.  When the opportunity comes for her to visit the Pleasure Palace, owned anonymously by his older brother, Ryan pulls no punches in making Jessica agree to attend the toy party.  Once she arrives, however, the only party Jessica will be attending is the one Ryan has set up in his private dungeon lair.  Before the night is over, he plans on Jessica submitting sweetly to him while On Her Knees


On Your Knees was just the right blend of BDSM and tenderness.  Ryan Cress was alpha to the core and I loved how he handled Jessica and all her blunder and innocence.  His working of Jessica the way she wanted was perfect for her to explore the BDSM lifestyle.  Jessica knew that she craved to submit and was aroused by it but it took Ryanís expertly wielded hands to make her desire it forever.  All in all, On Your Knees was hot enough to melt chocolate.  I raise my flogger high for Brynn Paulin on this wonderfully written and totally wicked release. 


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