One Night With You by Sophie Jordan
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-133926-4
Reviewed by Annmarie



Lady Jane Guthrieís ill treatment at the hands of her in laws makes her long for escape.  When given the opportunity to sneak out and attend a masquerade ball, Jane cannot resist.  Discovery would prove ruinous.  At the ball, Jane encounters the one man she would know even behind his mask, Seth Rutledge.  Although Seth doesnít recognize Jane in her domino, Jane has never forgotten her youthful love for Seth and gives in to his seduction.


One time isnít enough and Janeís desire for Seth drives her to seek him out again.  Once again, Jane dons her domino so her identity isnít revealed.  Seth cannot fight his desire for this mystery woman and that is proving to be a problem.  Seth isnít free to follow his passions, because he must find a bride.


Sophie Jordan writes some seriously hot historical romance.  Growl!  One Night With You is sensationally spicy.  Seth will leave you panting and desperate for your own scandalous seduction.  A Cinderella story with sex so hot youíll need flame resistant underwear, One Night With You is yum yum yummy!  I adored One Night With You


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