Off Season by Carol Lynne
Campus Cravings, Book 4
Total E-bound
Gay Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-35-1
Reviewed by Sabella



Demitri Demakis has come to Ohio to hide from a lot of things, but mostly to hide from life and the risks of love.  However, his friend Aaron is seriously testing his resolve of keeping his distance from other people and avoiding the hurt that is sure to come when they leave or die.  The problem is that Demitri knows his feelings for Aaron are growing beyond his ability to control.  Will Demitri take the risk with Aaron or will he lose what is sure to be the love of his life?


Aaron Billings is the soccer coach at the university and while his life is good, itís a little lonely.  Striking up a friendship with Demitri has changed Aaron and he wants nothing more than the chance to explore his feelings for the man, but will Demetri let him or continue pushing him away?


Off Season is a good romance with enough angst to satisfy all those who like to read about their heroes being put through the wringer.  Demitri has lived with little joy in his life for the last decade as he watched his best friend die.  After this Demitri has withdrawn from all the people in his life in order to protect his heart Ė which seems reasonable in concept but at times comes across as a little overdone.  Aaron, on the other hand, is sensible and determined to win Demitriís love.  Both men are sometimes a little girly and syrupy as they discuss their feelings and self-analysis but they are entertaining and hot when they come together.  However, I found Demitriís build up to the revelation of the event in his past that tortures him to be a little melodramatic and at times a little unbelievable.  Also, the declarations of love happen so soon after they start their relationship that at first it rang a little false.  That said, Off Season is an entertaining read for a lazy day.


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