No Rest for the Witches by MaryJanice Davidson,
Lori Handeland, Cheyenne McCray, and Christine Warren

St. Martin’s
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 0-312-94921-1
Reviewed by Amelia



The Majicka by MaryJanice Davidson


Ireland Shea has quite a collection of roommates. They include a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy and a spirit stuck in a car. When they find a zombie roaming around the cemetery one night, she does what any Good Samaritan does. She brings her home. Micah is looking to train the next Majicka, the guardian of all things magic. When he meets Ireland, he knows she’s special. He just doesn’t know how special.


Full of MaryJanice Davidson’s special brand of wit and sarcasm, The Majicka is a fun tale that kept me laughing. I enjoyed meeting all of the characters in this novella. They have quirky temperaments and characteristics that come together in the end to provide a spell-binding climax. Definitely a great read.



Voodoo Moon by Lori Handeland


FBI agent Dana “Don’t Call Me Scully” Duran has been sent to Devil’s Fork, Louisiana to find a serial killer. When she arrives, the sheriff tells her the only thing left at the crime scenes is a voodoo doll. Julian Portier runs the local voodoo shop. He’s Dana’s top suspect, until she finds out there are other forces at work.


Voodoo Moon kept me up way into the night, in more ways than one. Eerie and seductive, I fell in love with the characters and the setting. I hope this short is the beginning of a series, because I loved the ending. This novella is not to be missed.



Breath of Magic by Cheyenne McCray


D’Anu witch Sydney Aline is fighting with her other witch sisters against Darkwolf, a warlock, who has stolen the powerful eye of Balor. Just when she thinks she has him cornered, things go wrong. That’s when Conlan, a Tuatha D’Danann warrior, comes to help. Unfortunately, they lose the battle, but win each other. After that, they team up with their fellow withes and warriors to battle for the eye and keep its evil power from being unleashed on the world.


Breath of Magic is an action-packed ride. I feel in love with Conlan, a warrior who definitely has a gentler side that made me tingle with delight. Ms. McCray’s story is a delightful return to the world of her San Francisco witches.



Any Witch Way She Can by Christine Warren


Miranda “Randy” Berry is a non-magical person, even though many of her family members are “others.” Or so she thinks.


After being stood up, she decides to take matters into her own hands and cast a spell to find her true love. The spell sends her spiraling into her grandmother’s house one day before, and into the waiting arms of Michael Devon. Randy and her grandmother don’t see eye to eye, but this is Randy’s chance to help the older woman overcome a huge problem, and gain favor in her sight. And it doesn’t hurt that Michael is there to help her, every step of the way.


Any Witch Way She Canwas a delightful breath of fresh air. Randy is a fantastic character who could be portrayed as bitter and selfish. Instead she comes across as fun-loving, adventurous and self-reliant. And Michael is drop dead sexy. This charming tale was my first experience with Christine Warren, but won’t be my last.



One thing I love about anthologies is the chance to get a sampling of various authors. No Rest for the Witches was perfect for just that. I visited two writers I love, MaryJanice Davidson and Cheyenne McCray, and got a taste of Lori Handeland and Christine Warren. Readers will truly enjoy this foray into worlds that feature vampires, zombies, voodoo and witches. I know I did.


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