New Tricks by Joanne Smyth
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Action
ISBN: 978-1-59596-732-9
Reviewer: Erys



A simple hunt for a dognapping demon turns out to be anything but simple for Thomasina Lafferty.  She knows there’s more to Charlie, a potential eye witness, than meets the eye, and she’s determined to learn all she can about him.


Charlie isn’t your ordinary bookstore clerk.  He’s hiding a lot more than muscles under his uniform, and he doesn’t need nosy people like Thomas trying to uncover his secrets.


New Tricks is not only a steamy read, but Thomas(ina) will have you laughing out loud more than once.  Between both Thomas and Charlie trying to dominate the other, and a few tricks and surprises, this book is definitely not boring.  With hot sex and some laughs, this is a great read.  I only wish there had been more exploration of emotions so that I could have felt more involved with the characters.


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