Naughty Rendezvous by Victoria Blisse
Light BDSM/Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59426-927-0
Reviewed by Tanya



Leanna is a single mother who is cautious about dating.  She doesn’t have much free time between carrying for 6-month-old Lucy and working at the supermarket.  She starts an online chat with Joe, and over time it develops into a romance with them meeting for coffee and then for the big date weekend.


Joe likes thinks just a bit kinky and he enjoys teasing Leanna about it.  He is attracted to her and doesn’t seem to mind that she comes with an instant family.  How will Leanna react to him in the flesh?  Will she resent his dominant personality and behaviors?


Naughty Rendezvous was a hot story with a bit of spanking and sensual play added in.  While the premise and build up to the story were intriguing I have to say the overall tale left me lacking.  I didn’t like that Leanna was left wondering where Joe was or what was up with his work, as he seemed secretive about it. It was as if he had another life and I was suspicious that he was already married.  He leaves her waiting without calling etc… Unfortunately this ruined the story for me but others might not be bothered by it. 


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