Mysticís Run by Jory Strong
The Angelini, Book 3
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Werewolf/Vampire/Menage a Trois or more
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Mystic and her friends have escaped the Howl and are headed to Las Vegas for fun and adventure.  Feeling as if she will never be what her parents hopeóshe canít even shapeshiftóMystic is at loose ends with her destiny.  She has no idea that those loose ends are suddenly going to be tied to three alpha malesóRoman, Hawk, and Christian. 


Roman is a vampire and probably the most alpha of the three men destined to be Mysticís mates.  Formerly a gryphon, he had almost given up hope of finding his mate.  The fact that he has to share her doesnít sit well with him but he will make it work.


Hawk has been lying in wait and watching Mystic for months.  He instinctively knows she is his mate and it is only a matter of time before he catches her, and when he does, they will be the leaders of a new pack.


Christian, a werewolf, is aligned with no pack.  He is a police officer and spends most of his time alone.  Never dreaming he would have a mate of his own, Christianís feelings for Mystic are instantaneous.


All three men have to come to terms with what it means to be Mysticís mates.  Loving her, sharing her, and keeping her safe are their first and foremost concerns.  The rest will work itself out, or so they hope. 


Holy moly! Mysticís Run should come with a warning and its own ice pack.  Sweating from each encounter with her mates, I found myself engulfed by the emotions of each individual character and their ability to throw away their doubts and do the one thing they were sure ofólove Mystic.  


The plot, the emotions, the sexual tension; it all made for a better book.  I love Jory Strongís writing and with books like Mysticís Run, she only keeps writing better and better.  Two thumbs up and a long howl for Mysticís Run!  Note: Mysticís Run can be read alone but since it is the third book of a series, The Angelini, I recommend reading the first two novels just to get a feel for the world and back stories. 


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