My Hot Muse by Sedonia Guillone
A Sip
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



I have always admired Raj. I have never done anything about it because even though I know he likes guys Iím not willing to risk his friendship.  But when Raj hands me the perfect opening and lets me know in his subtle way that he is interestedÖthere is no way Iím turning that down.


My Hot Muse is an amazingly sensual story about Sean and Raj.  These two will burn you up and leave you wanting for more.  Sean will capture your heart with his yearning for Raj that he thought would never be fulfilled and Raj is a mystery begging to be explored.  I hope Sedonia Guillone brings them back soon in another story as I would love to read more about these two.  My Hot Muse is the perfect read when you are looking for an incredibly sensual story.


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