Margarita Day by Nicole Austin and T.K. Winters
ISBN: 1-59998-665-5
Reviewer: Erys



When a woman acts out one of her sexual fantasies with friends she met online and loses one of them, she realizes there’s more at stake than she originally thought.  After a wondrous ménage with Trevor, Wiz, John, and Conner, Trevor bows out of her life, unwilling to share her.  Now she is faced with Wiz, John, and Conner, each wanting her for themselves.  To be fair, she dates them all so that she can see which of them would even be suited to the lifestyle and city she loves.


With the men pulling all stops to woo her, Jodi finds herself torn between the men and her desires.


Margarita Day is an action packed tale with a variety of steamy love scenes.  Nicole Austin and T.K. Winters have crafted a well written tale that has stayed with me long after I finished reading it.  I found the heroine hard to identify with because I thought she acted contradictory.  My favorite of her suitors is John, but she treated Whiz, the one I liked the least, with more patience and understanding.  The authors have done well touching on the subject of spousal abuse.  I didn’t like Jodi pushing John away, yet making excuses for Whiz’s more annoying behavior.  This is one of those books you either love or hate.  I credit the authors for wringing such emotion from me, even if it wasn’t positive.  Kudos for your well honed craft, but unfortunately the story itself didn’t sit well with me.


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