Lord of the Deep by Dawn Thompson
The Elementals, Book 1
Erotic Romance
ISBN 10: 0758221797 13: 978-0758221797
Reviewed by Amelia



Accused of being a witch, Meg has been banished to the Isle of Mists, where she will be trained as a priestess. Meg is not happy about her fate, and one night, while she is looking out the window, she spots the selkies taking part in an orgy. Their leader catches her eye, and as she watches him take his consort, she wishes it was her, and she pleasures herself.


Simeon, the Lord of the Deep, sees Meg in her window, giving herself pleasure as he takes his consort. He knows he must have her and when he does, he knows he can never let her go.


But Meg is mortal and Simeon is not. Together they face a myriad of dangers, including the Waterwitch and the mortal priests of the Isle of Mists, to find a way to be together, forever.


Lord of the Deep is a lush, sensual book that pulls the reader into its depths and keeps them warm and happy for many hours. Ms. Thompson enchanted me with her new world, and I fell in love not only with the characters, but with the setting. I was entranced by the many challenges Meg and Simeon faced and the way they came through them with their love intact.


The secondary characters were also fascinating. I was happy to see this is the first book in a series and I anxiously await the second book next spring. Readers who enjoy tales selkies and magic and who are enthralled by the water will love Lord of the Deep.


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