In Dreams by Rhiannon Neeley
Whispers Publishing
Reviewed by Barb



Saylor Keene knows what she wants and is determined to succeed. Her life revolves around her studying and preparing for the future. Since she wants to be a doctor this means a lot of times spent at the library studying. She will worry about finding a man when she finishes school.


Thane is no longer human. He can feel Saylor and her innocence. Tracking her down, he knows has to have her. He has a hunger for all of her – not just the physical. Saylor has drawn him as no one has for a very long time.


A twist of fate brings two opposites together. Where will it take them?


In Dreams is a warm, cute story. I found it a wonderful story of what a person’s mind can do in the ‘right’ mixture of circumstances.  It shows a possibility of what can happen to a person’s mind if they deny themselves for too long and the brain is worked too hard. Also it shows that dreams can come true in a most unusual way.


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