His Ordinary Life by Linda Winfree
Hearts of the South, Book 2
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59998-598-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Del and Barbara Calvert are separated and going through a divorce.  Having to get married young, they spent their formative years trying to make ends meet and raise their family.  Del has always thought that he ruined Barbara’s life and that he never would measure up to her expectations.  Barbara has spent her entire married life doing what others expect and allowing Del to make decisions she should have had a part in.  It takes the antics of their son and the subsequent danger he is placed in to bring Del and Barbara back together.  Will it be enough? 


First off I have to admit that I owe Del Calvert an apology. Having been divorced myself, I was prepared to hate him.  I wanted to hate him. He LEFT his family.  Then I began to read more of the book and found out that his leaving was what he wholeheartedly thought was the best thing he could do for the family he loved unconditionally.  That’s when my impression of him began to change. I saw not a tough and rugged man who left his family but a lonely eighteen-year-old boy who thought he had ruined the life of the woman he loved more than anything else in the world.  When I realized that, I fell in love with him. 


What a wonderful book His Ordinary Life was.  Anything but ordinary, Linda Winfree has penned an uncommonly realistic portrayal of a family torn apart by the possibility of divorce and separation.  I ached for Del and Barbara and could see that they loved each other. Screaming at them more than once while reading, I was torn between wanting to thump them on the heads and grabbing them up and hugging them so tightly that they couldn’t breathe. 


If His Ordinary Life is any indication of Linda Winfree’s writing ability, then I foresee great things in her future.  This was truly a heartwarming and wonderful book. 


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