Herrera's Temptation by Samara King
Cobblestone Press
Suspense / Interracial
ISBN: 978-1-60088-163-3
Reviewed by Nellie



A killer is on the loose and Larisa Vega is determined to catch the suspect. Larisa has no objection to going undercover to lure the psychopath, but objects to Nicolas Herrera as her partner during this mission. Nicolas Herrera has secretly been in love with Larisa for a while but because her father was his business partner she was untouchable in his book. Larisa blames Nicolas for her fatherís death and believes him to be a serious womanizer. Despite the tension, they must set aside their differences and join forces to take the psycho off the street. But, will their differences lead to one of them being at the killerís mercy?

Herrera's Temptation seemed so clean-cut and methodical that it was hard for me to be transported into the world of fictional characters. There was the storyline, the suspense, the intrigue and the romance but again something was lacking within the story that failed to draw me in.


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