Her Knight of Seduction by Phyllis Campbell
The Wild Rose Press
Historical romance
English Tea Rose Edition, 2007
ISBN: 1-60154-118-X
Reviewed by Jen



This tale begins as a case of the biter bit.  Rather than marry an aged Earl, Lady Megan Saxton embroils herself in a card game with a darkly handsome man she believes is an eminently handsome and marriageable duke.  With only a month to achieve her seduction, she sets out to capture him.  Unfortunately for her, she loses the game and it is Edmund Knight she seduces, rather than the Duke of Kelton.

Edmund Knight is the man who brought her family to ruin and he sees no reason why he should not seduce Megan. This conflict is the bedrock of Her Knight of Seduction, an energetic romance with likable characters and hardly a dull moment in the storyline.

Ms Campbell had some success with this story under the title My Knight, My Rogue. She writes of lively and developing relationships and I enjoyed the wit and tension between the major characters, which is fun to follow as they work through their problems.


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