Hearts and Bones by M.L. Rhodes
Sequel to Never Let Go
Amber Allure
Gay / Contemporary
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-110-4
Reviewed by Raine



After being away for three years ex-spy Ethan has come home to Will McClaren, Ethan's long time best friend. They had one night together three years ago, and afterward Ethan had to return to work...he was captured and held in another country. Now, four weeks after his return, Ethan seems to finally be getting his life back. He has just moved into Willís home in the mountains. Both guys take a month off to get to know each other again and work on getting Ethan's possessions moved in and blended with Willís to make the home theirs. 


But settling in to domestic bliss doesn't prove uneventful. Ethan is suddenly nagged with a spine chilling feeling they're being watched. He shrugs it off as residual feelings left from being a held captive or the busybody neighbor who wanders the area and likes his binoculars a little too much. His gut instinct left over from his spy days were dead on though, as a psychopath from his secret past makes an entrance threatening their happiness and lives.


Hearts and Bones is riveting from page one.  Ethan and Will are completely captivating and totally lovable. They both have strength of character along with a love and faith in each other that's awe-inspiring. When Ethan and Will get together it's toe-curling and will make you deliciously warm all over.


The malevolence they endure at the hands of a deviant will test the new lovers in agonizing and erotic ways. M.L. Rhodesí Hearts and Bones sets a thrilling pace with fiery sex and a chilling plot. If you like suspense, a little bondage and hot man love I think you will love this book, I know I did! This book is so well written, that although it's a sequel, this novel could stand-alone.


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