Hearing Beauty by Mike Shade
Single Shot Classics
Torquere Press
Fantasy Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-111-2; 1-60370-111-7
Reviewed by Sabella



Toby has led a sheltered life due to his “affliction.”  His parents don’t necessarily hide him away, but they have made it known that he is a constant source of concern for them as they consider him useless because of his near blindness.  Still, Toby finds great pleasure in hearing the different voices around him and when he hears a voice that makes him feel wondrous things Toby will do anything to keep the owner of the voice near him.


Derik has been so physically damaged in the past that most people are repulsed by his appearance, but when he comes across Toby who finds him beautiful because of his scars Derik will keep him at his side even if it means fighting Toby’s parents for him.


Hearing Beauty is a touching story that highlights that love can be found in the unlikeliest of places and that “imperfections” can sometimes be what makes us perfect for someone else.  Toby is charmingly young, eager and full of hope, while Derik, due to his experiences, can appreciate Toby fully.  These two will touch your heart and make you smile while sharing their wonder of discovery in each other.  Hearing Beauty is a great read for a day you are looking for a poignant and romantic story.


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