Groom's Gift by Beth Kery
Naughty Nuptials
Elloraís Cave
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781419910739
Reviewed by Tanya



Libby Taylor may be a dynamo when it comes to her job helping people adapt and relearn how to do tasks after accidents and health issues.  But, in her personal life she is one shy unassuming woman.  Except now being shy might just cost her the one man she has loved from afar for a number of months.  She decided to have him for just one night before he is wed to another.  Her friends help set the stage and even dress her in nothing but a large bow, for the soon to be groom to unwrap.  Will John unwrap and accept the gift, and will one night be enough for them both if he does?


I found the Groomís Gift a well written fast paced story.  My biggest issue is that I think it should have been labeled a fantasy story and not a contemporary, as no way would this ever happen in real life.  Not that I donít wish it was possible.  The author did a wonderful job, and I like her imagination.  The story flowed nicely and was easy to read.  The Groomís Gift is a fanciful read about getting what you want and deserve out of life.


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