Ghost of a Chance by Nancy Henderson
Linden Bay Romance
ISBN: 1-60202-004-3
ISBN: 978-1602020054 (Print)
Reviewed by Barb



Sarah Price is finding herself after a couple of bad years. She has started the business she has always wanted to start. Yes, her ex is being a pain but her life is on track to where she wants to be. Now if only she can get rid of the ghost only she can see. But does she really want him to leave?


Nathan McGraw is dead. It was not supposed to happen when it did but it did. Now he has to figure out where he is and when he is. As well, he has to figure out why Sarah Price is the only mortal who seems to be able to see him. The annoyed (and annoying) demon is just icing on the cake.


Sarah and Nathan are slowly developing a friendship with a lot more added on. The only problem is their love is breaking all the rules. Will breaking the rules matter to either one of them in the end?


Ghost of a Chance is a really nice story of finding oneself and love in an unexpected way. Sarah and Nathan both have to overcome interesting and sad moments in their lives (and deaths) to find each other. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Nancy Henderson built up her characters and their depths.  If you like to read about possibilities in life and love this is a book you will enjoy.


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