Garron's Gift by Carol Lynne
Good-time Boys, Book 2
Total E-bound
Contemporary/Cowboy Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-24-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Sonny and Garron are happy together but Sonny has come up for the perfect idea for Garron’s birthday – a commitment ceremony.  But as their plans get going they start facing strong opposition from a few of the members of their town.  But when Sonny gets shot and his chances of recovery uncertain – it is time for all the Good boys to come together and make the town safe again for their brother and his husband – Garron.  Will Sonny and Garron’s relationship survive all the upheaval?


Garron’s Gift continues the story of Garron and Sonny.  These two continue to be steaming hot together, but this time we get to see what they are really made of when the fates test their mettle.  It is refreshing to come across two men who so willingly, and blindly, stick with each other through such tough times.  Garron’s Gift is a great continuation of the Good Brother’s saga, but be warned this book ends in a huge cliff-hanger that will have you running out to buy the next book in the series.  Garron’s Gift is an emotional and interesting read that will keep you turning the pages.


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