For the Love of a Knight by Kristi Ahlers
The Dark Castle Lords
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-921347-26-9
Reviewed by Tanya



Sir Tristan of Ramsey is frustrated.  While William the Conquer, the King of England is not only his liege and his friend he seems to have saddled Tristan with a burden he is not sure how to handle.  William has decided that he will marry, and is dictating to whom he will marry so that it will potentially help to defeat the revolt in the midlands.  Tristin is stunned when he meets his Lady and finds her not only pleasant to look at but with a wonderful kind heart and personality.

Lady Lysette is apprehensive.  She wants to live in a marriage that will be a loving one long term so she is going into this marriage with open arms and heart.  She is worried that her husband to be will be prejudiced against either her Saxon background or her connection to Wake, the man who appears to be behind the revolt in the Midlands.

When Lysette is injured and then kidnapped both Tristan and Lysette look closer to themselves and their feelings to determine what is really important to them.

Kristi Ahlers has found the perfect mix of masculine hero and feminine strength in her story For the Love of a Knight.  I enjoyed this well written story.  I think Ms. Ahlers did a good job in making Lysette naďve enough for the times but at the same time not willing to be led around like a ‘sheep’.  This along with the fact that Tristin didn’t take on the persona many writers give a seasoned knight of being arrogant helped the story to flow.  I hope to be able to read more by this author in the future.  Medieval romance lovers will enjoy the fast paced For the Love of a Knight.


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