Flame Angel by Lisa Andel
Elloraís Cave Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419911989
Reviewed by Lisa



Angelina Parker is comfortable with her life in a family of witches with her special gift being fire and electricity.  Her brother sets Angie up on a blind date at her ex-boyfriendís party, but since Chase is just a friend everything will be fine.


Known as the Dragon, Kraid Devon is one man who nobody messes with, ever.  A reputation as a killer makes people tend to steer clear of Kraid and thatís fine with him.


An accidental meeting between Kraid and Angel, as he insists on calling her, leads to great sex, misunderstandings and a prophecy to be fulfilled.  Angel certainly isnít ready for a mate and Kraid definitely doesnít want a woman who isnít one of his kind.  Then thereís Chase who now wants Angie back with a vengeance.  There will need to be a great deal of compromise before Angel agrees to anyone but neither Alpha willing to listen.


Flame Angel is a steamy paranormal romance at itís best!  I had trouble putting it down once Iíd started reading about these great characters with hot, sensual scenes in their own extraordinary world.  Lisa Andel gives everything to this erotic paranormal and doesnít let the reader down.  Fast paced, fun, and full of sexy Alpha males, I dove into the story and didnít surface until Ďthe endí came along.


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