enWrappture by Marty Rayne
M/M/BDSM Contemporary
Reviewed by Ley



Christopher O'Malley wanted something more out of life.  At 21 years of age he's had numerous sexual encounters with both men and women, but nothing has come close to the one night he shared ten months ago with his best friend and his lover.  Christopher knew that was a one night only encounter and wasn't interested in it becoming more than that, but he couldn't help being envious of the relationship his two friends shared and their willingness to help fulfill each others fantasies.

His plans to spend the Christmas holiday lounging on the beach in Florida with his twin sister were changed at the last minute and he ended up going alone.  Meeting Devyn and her daughter Emily saved him from having a lonely holiday, but being introduced to Devyn's brother Mason, who happens to be a writer of erotic BDSM books may turn out to be the best Christmas present he's ever received.

enWrappture continues the story of Christopher O'Malley, who was first introduced to us in Marty Rayne's At the Edge.  I was excited about this sequel and couldn't wait to read it. I was not disappointed.  Being a surprised but willing participant in Michael and Todd's BDSM fantasy, Christopher was left wondering what it was like to submit to someone else's total control, and Mason was just the guy to show him.  I liked this story, enWrappture, was very sweet as well as hot. 


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