Dirk by Rhiannon Neeley
The Ravens Revisited
Reviewed by Tanya



Dirk is a vampire hunter, from a long line of vampire hunters.  He and his family have tracked and help rid the world of vampires for years, his father died for the cause.  Now he is on his first assignment alone, in the hills of Kentucky. 


Casey is a genealogist who is out searching for information in an old graveyard in the hills when she is abducted and held captive by a vampire.  She had hoped to escape but Connor seems to have some sort of hold over her she canít break.  So she then turns to hope of rescue, but by the time Dirk finds her is it too late for her to escape the vampire?


Dirk is stunned by not only his instant attraction to Casey but the depth of the feelings he suddenly has for her.  When he recognizes the vampire (Connor) as the same one who took his fatherís life he knows he is in for the most intense fight of them all.  He is not only fighting for Casey, his own life, but to revenge the death of his father.  Will he be strong enough to save them all?


I found Dirkto be an intriguing story with many well-developed and likeable characters.  There were also a few villains that had history with the main character, which was easily explained to the reader.  I enjoyed seeing Dirk realize that he had found his match in Casey, and was willing to go the distance for her.  I was interested enough that I am now going back to find the earlier books in The Ravens Revisited, and I look forward to the next installment.


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