Devil’s Pact by Samantha Cruise
Siren Publishing
Erotic Historical/Ménage
ISBN: 1-933563-06-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Devin Spawn is an outlaw.  Given away at birth by his father, Devin travels to his father’s ranch to find out why.  When he gets close, he comes across a tiny, beautiful woman bathing in the river.  Since he has the devil inside of him, Devin does the one thing that comes natural to him—he seduces and makes her his own.  There is one thing Devin doesn’t know.  He has just had relations with his stepmother.


Megan Spawn has had a tough life.  Rescued from a life of drudgery by her now deceased husband, she wants to spend her life caring for her stepdaughters and possibly being able to have a relationship with the town doctor, her first love, Caleb Walker.  That is, until she is touched by the outlaw known as Devil’s Spawn. 


Caleb Walker has loved Megan ever since she was a little girl.  When his family caught them in the barn when they were teenagers and sent him away, Caleb has despaired of ever being able to be with Megan.  He loves her and is willing to give her time.  However, with the arrival of Devin Spawn, time may be running out because it seems that no matter how much Caleb loves her, she might not be his for the taking.


Megan and Devin enter into a carnal relationship like none before.  Their coming together is sensual and passionate.  It is harsh and bold.  But where does Caleb fit into this equation?  Caleb and Devin enter into a pact.  A pact where Caleb becomes part of the pair to make a triad. 


Devil’s Pact was a tough read.  Fully expecting a ménage, I was discomforted to have to wait for this to happen and when it did, I found myself adoring Caleb but not really liking Devin all that much.  For all of Devin’s harsh ways, I wanted him to someone treat Megan as more than just an outlet for his sexual energy.  I could see the chemistry between Megan and Caleb. I could feel how much Caleb loved and cherished Megan and she cared for him just as much.  It was Devin’s feelings I had a hard time with because I could never sense his love for her.  He desired her. He took her to subspace almost with his intense sexual demands, but I couldn’t get to the bottom of his feelings for her. 


While I wished for more tenderness from Devin, that doesn’t mean I didn’t care for Devil’s Pact. I did. It was just tough for me to read because I wanted Devin’s characterization to be more like Caleb’s and he wasn’t.  But I like the premise of the storyline and the setting was gorgeous.  The battle between Megan and the evil rancher next door was realistic and I could see Devin coming to her rescue in my mind. 


While Devil’s Pact wasn’t the tender and enchanting ménage that I have grown used to reading, it still engrossed me cover to cover and with the book being over 180 thousand words, that is saying quite a lot.  In all honesty, I didn’t put it down.  Samantha Cruise has written a ménage unlike any I have read and I plan to read anything else she releases.  She caught my attention with Devil’s Pact and I think she will hold it for a long time.


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