Destination Ecstasy by Tina Bendoni
Loose Id
Contemporary/Fantasy (M/F/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-541-8
Reviewed by Sabella



Maia Johnson has had a pretty ordinary life marked only by her inability to have children or a good man that can live with that fact.  Just when she has given up on ever finding real love, one of her friends gives her an all-expense paid vacation to a resort full of hedonistic pleasures.  Maia finds not only one, but two men at Menat Island that fulfill all her sensual fantasies…will she be able to keep them at the end of her vacation?


Danté and Kale have been friends since childhood and they came to Earth together in the hopes of finding a mate to complete them.  When they meet Maia they know she is the one – but will Danté and Kale be able to convince her that her future lies with them?


Destination Ecstasy is a fun romp about love and hope.  Maia is fun to read about as she explores her sexual boundaries with Danté and Kale.  Both men are finger-lickin’ good and hot enough to burn you up, however, please note that there is a brief moment of sexual interaction between them.  While the plot of this love story is not unique, the characters are entertaining and their sexual encounters will leave you panting for breath.  Destination Ecstasy is a good read for a day when you are looking for sensual fantasy book.


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