Desiring Dixie by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton
Incognito, Book 7
Cobblestone Press
Erotic BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60088-187-9
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



For months, Bastian Ridgecroft has found no solace in his club, Incognito, nor with the submissives who vie for his attention while there.  He goes through the motions but doesnít find true satisfaction.  Set to take over his fatherís company in the coming weeks, Bastian knows that when that happens, his ability to live anonymously will be compromised.  He also knows that because of his financial status, he will be sought after like never before.  For once, he would like to be loved because of the person he is, not his bank account.  Seeing a stranded woman who evidently works for his company one night after work, Bastian canít leave without helping her.  In that one act of kindness, Bastianís eyes are opened to the world of Dixie Johnson, a woman who sets Bastianís blood pumping and his senses jumping.  He wants her but also knows how she feels about the owners of the company she works for.  What happens when he has no choice but to tell her the truth?


Dixie Johnson lives from paycheck to paycheck.  Working in the mailroom for Ridgecroft isnít her dream job and she has plans Ė plans that donít include falling in love with an incredibly virile and handsome man by the name of Bastian.  Praying that he isnít too good to be true, Dixie breaks her own rules and allows Bastian into her life and home.  When she finds out his legal last name, not the name he uses, she is livid.  However, her anger goes only so far when she realizes she might have thrown away the one man meant for her. 


Dixie was down to earth and caring.  She had a lot on her plate but never let it get her down.  Bastian has always wanted to be known for himself instead of being known and sought after because he is his fatherís son and therefore the up and coming new CEO of his fatherís company.  While I see why he gave Dixie the name he used personally and I tried to agree with his decision, like Dixie, lies donít sit well with me. 


In my opinion, Desiring Dixie is one of the more tame Incognito books of this series.  That doesnít mean I didnít enjoy it, because I did, even more so than some of the others. I found it refreshing to see a more realistic view of life not surrounding the club, and while scenes take place in the club, it is not the main setting of the story.  The romance of Bastian and Dixie is the main focus and that was perfect for me as a reader. 


Since Desiring Dixie is the seventh Incognito book, I fully recommend reading the first six installments.  This is a fabulous series that shouldnít be missed.  Plus, reading the other installments will give readers a chance to meet some of the characters that are in Desiring Dixie.  Still hooked on this series, I look forward to the next installment!


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