Crash and Burn by Emery Larue
Whispers Publishing
Reviewed by Barb



Patrick Henessey works for a law firm. He is rich and successful. Now he has to make some decisions regarding his future. Time to take a holiday.


Christine Gray is a well-known author on her way to a meet and greet. Then, if there is time afterwards, perhaps have a few days to herself before going back to work.


They meet on the plane to the Bahamas. After the crash they get to truly know each other.


I enjoyed reading Crash and Burn. The growth of Patrick was nice to watch. I liked Christine as well, but I did feel she flipped a bit too much from sure to unsure of herself. Emery Larue has written a very nice story of love between two people who might not have managed to be together as a couple under more “normal” conditions.


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