Cowgirl by Carol McKenzie
Forbidden Publications
GLBT/Lesbian Romance
Reviewer: Rhys



Fresh out of a tumultuous relationship in New York, Lana returns to her native Texas in an attempt to start over in her hometown.  When she rolls in, her past and future collide.  Between caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's, and setting up her own diner, Lana finds her attention further diverted by her high school crush, Lori.  Yet in this little town, being a lesbian can bring a woman a heap of trouble.


Amid dealing with a prejudiced ex-classmate, and mourning over the inevitable loss of her mother, Lana finds solace in the arms of the one woman she ever really wanted: Lori.


In Carol McKenzie's hands, Lana and Lori come alive.  I really liked the contrast between Lana's tomboyish demeanor and Lori's ultra femininity.  They made a beautiful pair--one experienced, the other quite willing to learn.  The attraction between them wasn't overdone, and kept a realistic pace.  I found the bath scene to be one of the most erotic scenes in the story.


I do feel, however, that the story could do with a tighter plot.  The resolution with Mike Duncan, while realistic, seemed a bit rushed.  There were also time jumps that were a bit jarring.  Aside from those little bumps, though, I found Cowgirl to be an enjoyable read.  If you like your women sweet and smooth, but still strong, then pick up a copy of Cowgirl.


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