Compromising Situations by Emma Wildes
Reformed Rakes Book 2
Siren Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-933563-78-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Andrew Carlton is the younger twin brother of an Earl and a notorious rake.  But, his reputation might just be a bit over inflated by the gossips of the ‘ton’.  He is intrigued though when he gets an unsigned note to meet someone immediately in the wine cellar.  He is further intrigued when he finds the delectable young prim daughter of a duke there.  It seems that she wants to know why he has summoned her.  Before they can sort things out they are trapped.


Now the two must marry to save Christa’s reputation.  But, Christa is not certain she wants to marry someone she knows nothing about, no matter how handsome he is or how much he makes her stomach flutter.  The choice is not hers to make in historical England and they do wed.  She decides that she will not lose herself in the matters of love but, will strike a balance between herself and her new husband.  More importantly who trapped the both of them in the first place, and is someone out to harm more than their reputations?


Emma Wildes does not disappoint as usual.  Compromising Situations sets the stage with a forced marriage when Andrew and Christa are trapped by someone wanting to ruin reputations and succeed in their own plans.  The author does a wonderful job showing the reader how the characters are meant for each other and how they grow together.  Additionally it was interesting to see how they work out the intrigue together in the story.  I thoroughly enjoyed Compromising Situations.


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