Chailaliís Curse by Anna Leigh Keaton
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-179-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Chailali is a spirit trapped in this world.  Her assignment is Michael Hanson but Chailali is scared that he is beyond her help.  Having been trapped in his home for ten years, she is afraid he will never open up his heart again for another woman.  Doing what she can, Chailali can only hope and pray that Christy will be the woman who makes him learn to love again because until he loves again, Chailali is unable to return home. 


Michael Hanson is a writer of suspense novels.  In the ten years since the death of his spouse, he has never written a book with a happy ending.  Scarred and almost completely blind since the accident that took the life of his beloved wife, Michael spends his days in silence with only his computerís playback voice as company and he likes it that way.  He doesnít need anyone in his home messing with his stuff and trying to pry their way into his life.  His agent thinks differently.


Christy has lived with her sister for a while.  While she knows it is time for her to leave the safety of her sisterís home, doing just that is easier said than done.  Christy has panic attacks that make it hard for her to leave her home and venture out on her own.  When her sister decides enough is enough and that Christy should once more join the living, she takes it upon herself to hire Christy as the housekeeper and cook for enigmatic author, Michael Hanson. 


Michael and Christy come to the decision that while she will cook for him and clean, she will never come close to his things nor demand anything from him.  And they like it that way.  That is, until a thunderstorm in the middle of the night brings out Michaelís protective instincts and when those instincts flair, there is no denying the attraction each feel for the other. 


I loved this book. Absolutely loved it.  Michael was so scarred and sad, and like Chailali, I despaired of him ever taking the chance and allowing himself to be loved like he deserved.  Christyís characterization was so realistic I could feel the anxiety she felt at times and I just wanted to hug her.  All in all, Chailaliís Curse was a great read with lots of emotion and chemistry.  Anna Leigh Keaton should be proud of this one!


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