Branded by Beth Williamson
Leather and Lace series
Samhain Publishing
Western Historical romance
ISBN: 1-59998-679-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Emma Radcliff has loved Rafe Sinclair for most of her life.  Vowing at the tender age of five to marry him, she has had to live with the ridicule of that one statement until she has hardened her heart against Rafe.  When she finds out that her father has given his permission and signed a marriage contract between she and Rafe, Emma is hurt and angry.  She knows that deep down a man life Rafe could never love a woman like her so she sets out to negotiate her own marriage terms.


Rafe Sinclair can’t believe his grandfather put a stipulation to his inheritance.  If he doesn’t marry by his birthday, the ranch on which he lives will no longer be his.  Having no choice but to find a wife, Rafe doesn’t look forward to the politics that go along with wife hunting.  However, his problem is solved when Emma Radcliff’s father and he agree on his marrying Emma.  Now if he can just get Emma to agree, his inheritance will be safe and Rafe will have a wife. 


Emma and Rafe have to learn to be a team.  Each is cantankerous in their own way, Emma more so in my opinion than Rafe.  She was so angry at times that even I winced at her displeasure.  I thought Rafe was loyal and hero worthy.  He was patient and kind to Emma and I wished more than once that she was a bit softer for this sexy virile man.  Beth Williamson came through for me with Emma’s characterization because by the time I read the last word and closed Branded, I knew without a doubt that Emma was meant for Rafe and vice versa.


Beth Williamson never fails to deliver a book that will keep me entertained and on the edge of my seat.  Her storyline of Branded was unique and I loved how it ended.  Nobody writes western historical romances like Beth Williamson and I am proud to be one of her biggest fans.


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