Zandia by Tilly Greene
Samhain Publishing
Romantic Sci-Fi Futuristic
ISBN: 1-59998-533-0
Reviewed by Indy



Unwilling to accept that the life chosen for her on her home planet of Zandia is the only one she’s suitable for, Sui Erom decides to hide out on her father’s transporter as he travels the galaxy. This winds up being the best decision she’s ever made because after being caught, but not turned in, she finds herself on the planet earth. Working as a translator she gets to work a multi galaxy competition that just so happens to have the Zandian National Speedball team in attendance. The Prince of Zandia and captain of the team knows right away the voice of the woman translating is one from his own lands and decides immediately he will mark her for his own. He doesn’t care that the woman with the golden locks and voluptuous body looks nothing like the women from his planet; Xer Rieh only knows that she calls to him like no other woman ever has.

Whoa, talk about a story filled with public displays of lust, the world of Zandia’s free flowing willingness to have “relations” no matter where you are made this story steam from beginning to end. Zandia could have turned out to be one big orgy if it wasn’t for the sweet relationship between Sui and Xer, Sui with her independent attitude and Xer with his compassionate manner that put Sui’s needs first even if he could be a little heavy handed when the need arose. Tilly Greene designed an interesting world and I hope this is only the beginning. There are so many more stories to be told and so much action to be had as the world of Zandia comes to a new era where women have more rights and the obstacles I’m sure that will come with the change in society.


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