Zack and the Dark Shaft by Gracie McKeever
Zara's Bois, Book 1
M/M/ paranormal / angels / interracial / reincarnation
ISBN: 1-933563-11-7
Reviewed by Raine



Quincy Powers, Zara’s object of lust since college, has always been her best friend and was always there for whatever wild scheme Zara was currently plotting. Zach, Zara’s twin brother, has always been the tamer of the two and the one in who Quincy’s secret passion really lies with. An accident, reincarnation and pair of angels help bring the boys a chance to know one another.

Zach, who’s quiet, and Quincy, who’s outgoing, will hold your attention as you read about the issues that have kept them apart for years. I can’t wait to see what Gracie McKeever writes to follow Zack and the Dark Shaft. This was a wonderful beginning to a new series that doesn’t leave you hanging at the end.


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