Your Alibi by Annie Dean
Liquid Silver Books
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59578-360-8
Reviewed by Tanya



If it wasn’t for bad luck Addie Alger probably wouldn’t have any luck at all.  Her ex-husband has left her in debt, and it seems he still has access to her credit cards, she has a failing bed and breakfast and her father is now trying to invent items that are explosive and starting fires, instead of just playing with the plumbing.  Add to this a brother-in-law who seems to have stayed on and doesn’t move out of room 107, but is company none-the-less.  Now the B&B seems to be sinking even further and she is not sure what to do for funds when she happens on an article about companies that will act as your alibi, to cheat on your spouse.  She figures they are already cheating so if she helps it will just help to get her out of debt, and she won’t have to clean up after any of them.

Suddenly a hot man shows up at her doorstep.  Luckily he was waylaid in his travels and arrived “after his wife left”.  Now keeping her second job a secret is becoming harder and harder.  Especially as she is drawn to Sean in ways others haven’t made her heart patter in the past.  But, is she just trying to save her job or is she looking for more than a weekend fling?

Light hearted and fun is the best way to describe Your Alibi and Annie Dean’s writing.  How can you not say this about a book that actually has the heroine helping save penguins on the California highway?  The author knows how to use humor to get her points across and to make her characters seem believable as well as likeable.  Your Alibi takes the humor right into the bedroom with the spicy sex scenes while not making them tacky.  I will be looking for more stories by this same author in the future.


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