You, Me and Dupree by Jade James
Loose Id
Erotic Menage M/M/F Futuristic Romance
ISBN 978-1-59632-544-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Vampirism is a part of society in the year 3050.  Dupree Cortez and Darius Montes are vampire mercenaries and lovers.  Sin Carter teaches paranormal studies to college students, encouraging them to accept vampirism.

The government works closely with Vampire Covenants to create peace between vampires and humans.  They have created a database that matches vampire pairs with their mates.  Sin has been matched with Dupree and Darius.  She is worried that their match is attraction only.  Dupree and Darius hope that it is so much more.

You, Me and Dupree is a super hot and sexy story.  The sex between Dupree and Darius is sizzling, and it gets even hotter when Sin joins them.  I like the storyline in You, Me and Dupree, itís really interesting.  The glimpse of Sierraís story is mysterious and exciting as well, and Iím looking forward to reading it!


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