Wrong Groom by Kit Tunstall
Naughty Nuptials Series
Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 9781419911446
Reviewed by Gracie



Jayne Daux is in Las Vegas to be maid of honor in her best friend, Emmy’s, wedding.  After tucking Emmy into bed after her party Jayne decides to go enjoy a bit more of the Vegas’ nightlife.  She cannot believe when she makes eye contact with the very sexy man across the bar. Even better, he seems interested in her.

Patrick is in town for a wedding and is instantly attracted to the sexy woman across the bar.  He decides to be a bit bold and let Jayne know that he wants her.

Jayne would never in her “normal” life have a one night stand, but she cannot believe that Patrick is interested in her.  Jayne is a bit nervous once they get back to her room.  She is not the perfect model size woman and Patrick is gorgeous.  Patrick loves every inch of Jayne, and after spending the night he hates to leave, but how will real life work?  The next morning, Jayne is more than alarmed after talking to Emmy about her future groom and is worried she made a terrible mistake.  Is Patrick really the great man Jayne imagines or is he the wrong man in so many ways?

Wrong Groom is very entertaining!  Jayne is a very nice woman who has some issues with her self image.  She decides to act a bit out of her comfort zone and takes advantage of the opportunity that Vegas offers.  Patrick seizes the chance to be with the very sexy Jayne even though he is not the one night stand kind of guy.  The interactions between Jayne and Patrick were very sexy and yet tender, also.  Kit Tunstall’s Wrong Groom is certainly worth reading and there is nothing wrong with spending the night with the Wrong Groom.


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