World Enough and Time by JM Snyder
Torquere Press
Gay / Drama
Reviewed by Cassie



Salt pours from the sky like rain.  People are dying in the streets.  Allan is convinced the end is near, so he finally dumps his cheating boyfriend and heads off to the store to buy some supplies.  While at the store, he meets a very cute guy who just happens to have a gunÖ

World Enough and Time is a cool end-of-the-world story with a twist.  Allanís seemingly odd behavior and thoughts during what he believes to be his last days are strangely believable.  I also liked the guy with a gun, Ricky, whose bravado covered a sweet and vulnerable core.  The atmosphere of the story is mostly sad and grim, but JM Snyder does a great job of adding hope and other positive emotions to the mix.  While this story may seem dark, in the end itís a fascinating and fulfilling tale.


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