Winter Stallion by Kate Hill
Horsemen, Book 4
Elloraís Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419910821
Reviewed by Indy



A routine trip as a messenger turns into a life changing experience when an accident leaves Phillipa hurt during a winter storm. Luther, a Fighter Carrier current living in isolation after an accident which resulted in his rider being hurt, finds Phillipa after seeing her in their shared dream. Sure she is his dream lover and the woman meant to be his mate, Luther sets out to court her in a manner that will allow her to see they are meant to be together. Phillipa is sure she loves Luther but she also knows her virile lover is suffering emotionally over the accident which left him so near death. She will do what ever she can to show him that he is still one of the strongest Carriers alive and how much of a loss it will be if he allows fear to decide how he will live the rest of his life.

Some stories seem to mirror life in how they show families working through hard time, lovers growing as one and how the spirit of a being is all that matters in the end. Winter Stallion is the first book Iíve read from the Horsemen series but one that left me with a feeling of contentment. With tons of family drama and the emotional turmoil I felt connected to Phillipa and Luther as they worked to get through the situations thrown at them one by one. I have to admit I could relate to Luther on a deeper level because with all his talent and goodness he was still someone who had fears and became a great horseman despite the circumstances of his lineage. Kate Hill, as always, did a great job with this story and even if you havenít followed the previous tales, Iím sure you will find this story entertaining and a joy to read.


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