Whips and Whispers by Maria Isabel Pita
Ellora’s Cave
Erotica, BDSM
ISBN: 9781419911941
Reviewed by Indy



Successful in her career, admittedly a self absorbed person but still happy in her relationships, Morgan never knew an old manor in the woods would become a life altering experience. When a mind blowing and barrier breaking experience with a nameless strange catapults her into a world she’s only dreamed about, right and wrong become blurred. Morgan doesn’t understand the hold the commanding Simon has on her but all she knows is she needs him as much as her next breath. The disappearance of a woman he was seen with doesn’t stop her need for more; even a touch of a different kind of love from the man investigating her neighbor’s disappearance may not be enough to break the connection Morgan has for her new Master. 

I think readers of BDSM have a certain threshold just as do participants in the lifestyle. My threshold is pretty high except in cases of what I consider to be humiliation or unnecessary harsh treatment. When I started reading Whips and Whispers my first thought was another supposedly strong woman turns into a mindless, weak and obsessive creature accepting any kind of treatment. Maria Isabel Pita did a really good job of reeling me in. Do I hate this couple and what they stand for or is there something a lot deeper to their relationship? This erotica offering is heavy yet still as the story develops I can see there are deeper emotions at work, a learning process of what is acceptable and how far a woman can be pushed in order to provide extreme pleasure and essential pain. I believe Maria Isabel Pita is an excellent writer, she just might be a little too graphic for those who can’t grasp the love, lust, and pain combination this tale provides.


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