What If You Slept by A.J. Wilde
Torquere M/M Contemporary
ISBN-13: 978-1-60370-107-5
ISBN-10: 1-60370-107-9
Reviewed by Ley



Nick has always done what was expected of him. His career, his girlfriend, how he dressed and how he lived were others, mainly his parents, perception of how his life should be, not his. Blocking out the mantra that repeats itself in his head 'don't upset your father', Nick decides enough is enough and hops a train to nowhere.  On his destination unknown train ride, he meets Chris, an easy going young man who was riding the train to the end of line, which takes about 8 hours.  Chris just may be what Nick needs, but is 8 hours long enough to find out?

What If You Slept, left me wondering if there may be a force or some sort of fate that pulls two people from different worlds together. Nick had the courage to do what many people dream of doing, and that was giving up what you know for the unknown, and taking a risk to find happiness. His risk led him to Chris, who was waiting for Nick to find him. I like this story a lot. For a quick read it gives you a lot to think about.


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