Wake Me Up by Caitlyn Willows
Loose Id
BDSM/Erotic/Time Travel
ISBN: 978-1-59632-480-0
Reviewed by Barb



Isabelle has always been fascinated by “the whorehouse.” She feels drawn to it and attempts a spell to find out more about it. She ends up learning more about herself than she has ever known. After all that is where her memories of Daniel are based.

Daniel has never known a woman like Isabelle. And as the owner of a whorehouse he has met a lot of women. He does not want to give her up. He will find a way to be with her again.

One tries a spell for the past. Another tries a spell for the future. Can they both succeed and forge a future together?

Wake Me Up was a book I was not sure that I would enjoy at the beginning. This was due to it starting off a bit on the slow side. As you go along you find yourself hoping for the characters to succeed and enjoying the way it picks up. The sex was steamy with some interesting twists. In the end I found it an enjoyable read.


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