Voodoo by Angela Knight
Hero Sandwich, Interlude
Loose Id
BDSM Superhero Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-290-5
Reviewed by Indy



The threesome paranormal crime fighting team has become a couple with a third wheel after the marriage of two thirds of the Hero Sandwich team. Restless and in need of ways to release his sexual frustration, Lynx heads out for what he hopes will be an evening of physically exhausting crime fighting. Voodoo, a psi-siren who recently became the victim of an attack, has wanted Lynx since the night he saved her life. Tired of waiting for him to get over his hero complex, she decides to take matters into her own hands with a little help from her powers of course.

As Loose Id prepares for Halloween, they’ve started early, providing readers with treats that will definitely give you a rush. Voodoo, a quirky paranormal story about a sexually frustrated superhero and the siren that has caught his eye, is deliciously sinful. I missed the initial story Lynx was showcased in but I plan on reading it now that I see how appealing he is after a little taste. It shows how, when an author like Angela Knight graces you with a story, length doesn’t matter when there is a good plot and even better action.


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