Violet Storm by Tuesday Morrigan
Confessions of an Otherkin
Changeling Press
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-782-4
Reviewed by Lisa



It is an evening of fun and pleasure at the newest club called Yellow Brick for Storm Night and her best friend Mira.  Both young women are part of the Otherkin with Storm calling herself a ‘mutt’ since she is half fairy, half Cyclops.

Storm overhears a group of men at another table talking about her.  A unicorn is dismissive of her breeding and makes a bet with a Royal Elf named Isaias.  If Isaias gets Storm to kiss him before the night ends he wins the bet.

Deciding to make him regret betting on her, Storm asks Isaias to accompany her to the lower floor, the private floor.  Downstairs behind each door is a different sexual playground.  Storm plans to make the Elf lose while at the same time Isaias has plans of his own for Storm that don’t include a kiss.

All’s fair in love and Violet Storm attempts to prove it.  A risk taking ‘mutt’ and an enigmatic Elf give this story a fresh twist for readers while carnal situations add sizzle to author Tuesday Morrigan’s tale.  I liked the saucy and scrumptious characters and really liked the hot sex scenes but I wish the story had flowed more easily from chapter to chapter.  There just seemed to be something missing that failed to pull the plot together into the really great story it could be.


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