Valmont’s Trinity by Sedonia Guillone
Sequel to Darelle's Trinity
Ellora’s Cave
Vampire Gay Romance (M/M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-41991-250-4
Reviewed by Sabella



Serge’s long vigil outside of the villa where the soldiers keep his lover imprisoned has finally ended.  Now, if he can only regain some sort of relationship with Valmont, Serge will be happy – even if it means watching Valmont find happiness with someone else…

Valmont is finally free in body but the guilt he feels keeps him away from pursuing Serge.  After all that Serge suffered in Valmont’s name there is no way that Valmont will ever ask Serge to forgive him and take him back as his lover.

Philippe has been sent to help with the restoration of Valmont’s home and to help reunite Serge and Valmont.  Bringing them together is easier than anyone suspected, but Philippe feels like he is leaving his heart behind when he thinks of leaving Valmont’s home.

Valmont’s Trinity is an entertaining vampire romance.  Serge, Valmont and Philippe are interesting characters that leave you wanting to get to know them better.  Most of the story takes place over several days where the relationship between Valmont and Serge is renewed with little attention to what drove them apart and how that affected their lives.  Meanwhile, Philippe “falls in love” with Serge after one sexual encounter and almost no other interaction which makes all the emotional reactions by Philippe feel shallow, hard to believe or plain melodramatic.  Also, while this book is noted as a stand alone, I felt that I missed elements that would have improved my reading experience by not having read the previous book in the series.  All in all, Valmont’s Trinity has many sexy, sensual moments but it fails to be emotionally engaging.  Valmont’s Trinity is a read for a day you are looking for a distraction from everyday life.


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