Unveiled by Jamie Craig
Sequel to Master of Obsidian
Amber Allure
Gay / Vampire / BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60272-091-6, 978-1-60272-974-2
Reviewed by Cassie



Jesse Madding and Gideon Keel are checking out a tip when they discover a gruesomely posed body and the remains of an expensive party.  The horrible crime scene leaves them both shaken, but when they go to a local vampire bar to get rid of some of their tension, they discover that the body they found is only the tip of the iceberg.  At the bar, they encounter empath Emma.  After they rescue her from being sold to the highest bidder, she tells them sheís in search of her missing sister, whose disappearance seems to be related to the body they found, as well as other people who were killed to create horrible ďart.Ē  Can Jesse and Gideon solve this mystery and keep Emma safe?

Before you decide to pick up Unveiled, make sure youíre not squeamish or sensitive.  The book contains violence, gore, BDSM, partner-sharing, and other things that really wonít be your cup of tea.  Also, it would be best to read Master of Obsidian first.  While this book would make sense on its own, I think itís more enjoyable if you know the backstory.  That said, Unveiled is a truly suspenseful read with much to recommend it.  The book picks up where Master of Obsidian left off and further develops the relationship between Jesse and Gideon, making this a worthy sequel.  Jesse is really coming into his own in this book, becoming more confident in Gideonís love and in his own competence.  Gideon, despite being capable of violence when necessary, can also be very sweet and tender toward Jesse.  I liked the way their relationship included some (pretty heavy) d/s games in the bedroom and respect and equality outside it.  Newcomer Emmaís abilities have a very interesting effect on the men and the storyline.  Her mix of toughness and vulnerability made her a sympathetic character.  The storyline itself is taut and suspenseful.  The games Jesse and Gideon must play, and the coldly evil people they must deal with, to catch the killers are chilling.  Jamie Craig did a very good job of creating an atmosphere populated with rich people and vampires who play by a different set of rules and have no empathy or morality at all.  If you like vampires, mysteries, and dark storylines, pick up Unveiled.  The book isnít for everyone, but fans of this type of book will not be disappointed.


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