Unspoken Promises by Bonnie Hamre
Paranormal/Time Travel
ISBN: 9781419909757
Reviewed by Tanya



Mollie Anderson has just lost the most important things in her life.  After three months of grieving for her daughter and building hate for her late husband she decides it is time to head back to California, where her daughter is buried and start a new life.  On the way she stops at a deserted rest stop and odd things happen, including a wind that comes from nowhere.  She is knocked out and when she wakes up at the rest stop her car is nowhere to be found.  What she does find is a wagon train.  Determined to believe that they are re-enactors, even when they offer her protection. She strikes out with them.  Finally accepting that she is no longer in her time and has somehow time traveled back to the 1840ís.  While she is determined to not get involved with anyone she does strike a deal with the rugged Ford Hunter, the only one who believes she is not nuts.

Mollie and Ford are caught in a kiss that forces their marriage.  Mollie reluctantly starts to fall in love with Ford and his children, who have her heart from the first time she saw them.  But, will she stay in this foreign time for love, or will she travel back to her own time?

Unspoken Promise is an interesting look into the hardships of the pioneers of many Americanís pasts.  I loved how Mollie keeps making bargains with herself to make the overall situation more tolerable.  The author did a wonderful job melding the two different cultures into one smooth flowing story with heart stopping actions. I found Unspoken Promise a thought provoking, enthralling read.


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