Uniforms by AKM Miles
M/M, Uniform
Reviewed by Raine



Jackon, now a police officer, was once part of a gang called the Rakes. As a child, he’d had no one to turn to until he was in the wrong place when a burglary the crew pulled went bad and he’d been caught. One of the responding officers, Cecil Bartles, saw to help him out of the gang and into a new life. Now a Rake from his past has showed up in his door step asking for the same…is it a trick or is this man really wanting to start a new life?

Jackson, who was always strong and had a mind of his own, is a compassionate man after being given a new shot in life. Sam shows up asking Jackson to help him find a way out like he has. While working on a solution to Sam’s situation, the men try really hard to keep their distance from one another. AKM Miles did a fabulous job in Uniforms conveying not only hot raw sex, but emotion between the men that is absolutely believable. If you’re a romantic at heart, you’ll LOVE this book, I did!


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