Unholy Vows by Ciar Cullen
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance/Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-192-0
Reviewed by Tanya



Jennifer has finally turned her life around.  She is divorced from the monster, her New Age shop is doing well (even if she isnít a believer, it still sells well), and she is finally confident that she is going to be able to keep her beach house.  Things are going well enough she is just finishing her first erotic romance, and hopes that once her ex-brother-in-law reads it she will find out if he is as interested in her as she is in him.

Shawn is stunned to find out that Jennifer, the woman he has lusted after for years, is writing medieval lust and suspense.  He knows he is younger than she is and because of this he is sure that she is out of his league but no one else has ever held a candle to her in his mind.  When Shawn reads her story he is stunned, it is almost as if Jennifer has written about him, calling him Simon and herself Gwyneth.  Could his dreams really be coming true?  Will he be able to approach her with his suspicions?

I found Unholy Vows to be an intriguing story from the standpoint that it was a story within a story.  The author used a story written by the heroine to be the catalyst for her to finally tell her ex-brother-in-law how she really felt, without having to come right out and say it.  The overall story is very imaginative.  I enjoyed the characters in both stories and found the dialogue to be sexy and fun.  Unholy Vows is a good blend of both the Contemporary and Historical Romance genres.


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